Angelique, PhD (Educational Psychology), is a psychological counsellor (independent practice), with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. She is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Optentia Research Focus Area, North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus. Angelique has also collaborated in the Pathways to Resilience Research Project (2009-2015). The Pathways to Resilience Research Project investigated social-ecological contributions to youth resilience across five countries (i.e. Canada, Colombia, China, New Zealand and South Africa).

Angelique is currently a researcher in the International RYSE (Resilient Youth in Stressed Environments) project. The RYSE project is a 5-year multinational program of research that will examine patterns of resilience among young people (15-24) in contexts of oil and gas production and consumption (e.g., climate change) in Alberta and Nunavut, with comparison sites in South Africa. The goal is to identify the protective and promotive factors that can enhance the capacity of young people to adapt to changing social, economic and natural environments. This research is unique because of its focus on resilience at various levels in the same study, from the biological and psychological resilience of individuals to the resilience of their families, communities and natural environments.

Her research interest includes the carpentries, sophisticated quantitative methodologies and understanding why some youth do well even though they face severe adversities (e.g. poverty, violence, abuse), also known as resilience. In doing so, she makes use of innovative quantitative methodologies (i.e. latent variable modelling, invariance testing and latent variable difference testing, moderation analysis in Mplus and SPSS) to investigate the complex processes embedded in resilience. 

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